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Judge Dredd - Bubba Zebill

Some fine Judge Dredd art to be raffled off as a charity prize for a very good cause - Acorn’s Children Hospice.

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Judge Dredd inks by Jesus Antonio Fernandez, colours by Federico Blee.

Joe Pineapples and Mean Angel by the master of British comics, Mick McMahon.

+ Judge Dredd and the hottie thief by Jonathan Taylor

Judge Dredd and the hottie thief by Jonathan Taylor

You’ve Been Judgeeedddd, Anderrsssonnn…

Brilliant line work of Judge Anderson and the Dark Judges by Frank Cho with colours by Nei Ruffino.

30 Years Of Slaine-Spoils Of Annwn

After successfully negotiating the Tomb Of Terror,with YOUR help(see previous post),Sláine must undergo a whole new set of trials in Spoils Of Annwn-pronounced A-noon(Progs493-99,25Oct-6Dec’86).Script:Pat Mills;art:Mike Collins and Mark

Sláine,druidess Nest and Ukko the dwarf,are on a voyage to locate the Temple of the Stars,where they hope to discover the Treasures of Annwn.

On the journey Sláine must overcome a variety of challenges(not unlike Greek hero,Hercules’ Twelve Tasks)each one more difficult than the last;including a man-eating bull,an enchanted lion,a vicious unicorn and a giant labyrinth.

Much to Ukko’s disappointment,when Sláine reaches the end of his quest it is revealed that the Spoils of Annwn are in fact the attainment of higher consciousness and the completion of the journey itself is the reward.

Sláine also learns that he is destined to become the Sun King,leader of his people and consort to the Earth Goddess.

With this in mind the Warped Warrior leaves behind Glastonbury and the Isles of Avalon,to journey back to his homeland of Ireland..

  • Top:Cover art(Prog493,25Oct’86)-Mike Collins/Mark Farmer.(source:Secret Oranges blog)
  • Middle:Interior art-Collins/Farmer
  • Below;Cover art(Prog499,6Dec’85)-Collins/Farmer
  • Bottom:Cover art-(Best of 2000AD Monthly#93,1Jun’93)-Sean Phillips.

Following straight on from events in  ”Time Killer"(see previous post),Sláine with his band of warriors have roused another of the Dark Gods,Grimnismal and must destroy him before he fully awakens to consume all life on the planet!

In another 2000AD first,now is where YOU come in.For this is no “ordinary” Sláine story,it is a role-playing adventure,where you are the Warped One and must guide your friends through the “Tomb Of Terror”!(Progs447-61,7Dec’85-15Mar’86).Script:Pat Mills;art:Glenn Fabry & David Pugh.

  1. Cover art(Prog447,7Dec’85)-Glenn Fabry.
  2. You Are Sláine-Garry Leach
  3. Interior art-Glenn Fabry
  4. Cover art(Prog449,21Dec’85)-Robin Smith
  5. Cover art(Prog461,15Mar’86)-Anthony Jozwiak 
30 Years Of Sláine:”Time Killer”

Mega-epic,Time Killer(Progs411-34,30Mar-7Sep’85)was Pat Mills most ambitious Sláine story thus far,introducing memorable villains,the Cythrons,their leader the Guledig and dark god,the time-worm Crom Cruach,as well as Cythron agent,Elfric Serpent-Eye-a near invulnerable shape-shifter,oblivious to pain-who Sláine meets at the Battle of Clontarf(Ireland,1014 AD)and would go on to be one of his greatest foes.

Also in this story-arc are the sorcerer Myrddin(also known as Merlin),Atlanteans Mogrooth and daughter,Tlachtga,future High-King of Ireland,Brian Boru and warrior son,Murdach,all of whom help Sláine in his fight against the Cythrons and Crom Cruach.

Top:Cover art(Prog411,30Mar’85)-Glenn Fabry.
Middle l:Dark El,Elfric Serpent-Eye-David Pugh.
Middle r:Cythron leader,the Guledig-David Pugh.
Bottom:Cover art(Prog420,1Jun’85)-Glenn Fabry.