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Kev Walker reprised his Tor Cyan character for two more outings(Progs1223-26,3-24Jan’01 &1250-53,11Jul-1Aug’01)that went a long way to filling the gaps in Cyan's elusive past.

It is revealed that he is indeed from Genetic Infantryman stock but whose exactly?

Was he one of the original platoon that were supposedly all wiped out in the Quartz-Zone massacre,one of Friday's second generation or was he in fact the Rogue Trooper himself,somehow saved from the shuttle disaster that apparently took his life?

To find out all these answers and more,you can read about them in Mercy Heights 1-15(reprinted in Judge Dredd Megazine313-16,16Aug-8Nov2011)and the Tor Cyan collected works(Megs316-17,8Nov-6Dec2011)

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