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After seeing the awesome Dredd(à la Bolland)by top U.S artist,Tim Bradstreet,from his blog,I discovered it was for a U.S reprint highlighting the greatest of British talents(Brian Bolland,Dave Gibbons,Kevin O’Neill & others):“Mega-City Masters vol.1”. I also realised there were two other volumes with covers from two more of my favourite American artists;John(Spider-Man)Romita Jr,(vol.2)and Eric(The Goon)Powell(vol.3). The wonderful Powell cover I had seen before but had not realised this was where it had originated and the Romita Jr was a completely new delight to me(even though they date from 2010,I believe!)

For anyone that hasn’t seen them before,enjoy-as it’s unlikely they’ll ever draw anything for 2000AD,but you never’s hard to say no to the mighty Tharg!

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