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One of the best things about Mean-Machine Angel is his resiliency and staying power,coupled with a steadfast refusal to die,as demonstrated in this story;“A Merry Tale of the Christmas Angel”!(Prog450,28Dec’85);art:Steve Dillon.

Unlike less fortunate family members(especially Fink and his untimely demise on the Pa Angel Mark I Super Scream Torture Machine!)Mean-Machine has a habit of returning from the dead(thanks,in no small part to the regenerating elixir of the evil,Judge Child).

 Originally thought dead on the planet of the Grunwalder,last resting place of Owen Chrysler(Judge Child),Elmer Pa" Angel and Junior were retconned so that they survived with the help of the natives on Xanadu(“Awakening of Angels”,Prog958,22Sep’95).

Writer John Wagner later admitted that had been a mistake and although Pa and Junior did make it back to Earth,have spent largely the whole time forgotten,in a Mega-City One Iso-Cube,where they still remain.

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