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Continuing a series of famous cameos in the annals of Tharg’s Mighty Organ,check out these irreverent takes on those in positions of power-vintage 2000AD!

From top:Ex-Prime Minister,John Major recruits Manchester’s Hardest Man,Big Dave(Prog843,3Jul’93)art:Steve Parkhouse;former U.S president in “The Strange Case Of Bill Clinton”(Megazine2.72,3Feb’95)art:Trevor Hairsine;Tony Blair's demonic,red eyes,I mean B.L.A.I.R.1's,obviously!Art:Simon Davis (Prog1071,2Dec’97)and finally,those stately slappers,Fergie and Di!Of course that’s just in Big Dave's world,in reality paragons of virtue;Diana,Princess of Wales(and Our Hearts)& Duchess of York,Sarah(“Thick Sheikh”)Ferguson.Art:Steve Parkhouse.

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