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Once again some misguided sucker with a psychology degree thinks they can tame the Mean-Machine!

This time,Professor Wally Dingbert of Mega-City University(Mega-U)has regressed Mean to his twelve-year-old self,when he loved bunnies and butterflies,rendering him docile.

Sadly,this makes him highly suggestible and it’s not long before some of the more unscrutable elements at Mega-U,have co-opted Mean into their schemes. Caught breaking into lockers by the Dean of the University and threatened with the Judges,the confused Mean,who thought he was being helpful,runs away to hide,until things calm down.

Forlorn,Mean hides out in the Temporal Studies lecture hall,where a working model of a time-machine is being demonstrated.

Unfortunately,for all present the time dilation effects can cause severe hallucinations,seizures and bouts of schizophrenia,so protective goggles are worn. The effects on an unprotected,hypnotised Mean Angel are somewhat predictable as the demonstration finishes and everything returns to normal.

Reverting back to his psychotic state,the Mean-Machine has an unexpected,momentary flash of inspiration and decides that a time machine would make an excellent getaway vehicle. Commandeering the device and taking the pilot hostage(who as Mo,along with Prof. Wally as Curly and the Dean as Larry,bear a remarkable similarity to the Three Stooges!),Mean-Machine Angel escapes,running loose through time!

From the classic Mean-Machine strip “Travels With Muh Shrink”(Progs730-36,11May-22Jun’91);Script:John Wagner;Art:Richard Dolan. Given away free with Judge Dredd Megazine298(22Jun’10)