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Some rather lame,unnecessary attempts to make Tharg look smooth from Keith Page(better known for his work on war comics,rear cover StarScan,Prog646,30Sep’89)and Jim McCarthy(brother of Brendan,Prog599,5Nov’88),cos as everyone in the galaxy knows Tharg's coolness factor needs no introduction!

For some reason a lot more work has gone into Cliff Robinson's cover for the seemingly unimportant,Prog633,(top,30Jun’89),it’s not a birthday issue or anything,and yet just 33 issues earlier,the monumentous,Prog600(12Nov’88),I’m afraid is a very bland affair.

Sorry,Steve Cook,usually a big fan!

P.S Does looking at Prog600 make you chuckle(at the tagline,“Only 580 more Progs…”)or make you slightly sad(‘cos you’re old?!).

Just me,then!

  1. ryall- said: This was a beautiful era of 2000ad, I remember this. We still have these somewhere.
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