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Three meanest bastiches in the Galaxy in Judge Dredd/Lobo Psycho-Bikers Vs. Mutants From Hell

The unlikely trio of Judge Dredd,Lobo and Mean-Machine Angel go up against a gang of psycho-alien bikers,a transmorphing mutant and his insane,psychic power-crazed brother,wielding a pair of magic rings,making him near-invunerable.

All whilst trying to control the Mean-Machine and protect the richest kid in the world,the Crown Prince of Belgium

Oh and bodyguard a sidekick mouse!

Once more the team of Wagner/Grant have pulled off an entertaining and worthy crossover(to be fair,John Wagner was chief writer on Dredd at the time,whilst Alan  Grant was regularly scripting Lobo)with fine artwork from US artist Val Semeckis,ably inked by John Dell and coloured by Gloria Vazquez.

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