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This superb negative-style image of Judge Dredd and below it:an homage to 2000AD cover(Prog1028,4Feb’97),where Dredd fights a zombie future-version of Space!(actually,Luna-City,capital of Earth’s moon in the future);are not only brilliant,they are also for a very good cause:the 100 Days Of Art project,supported by such luminaries as comics legend,Alan Moore,comedian Stewart Lee and author Philip Pullman.
As part of the Arts Emergency project founded by comedian Josie Long and activist Neil Griffiths it was set up to encourage prospective students,put off by rising University fees,to enrol,knowing they weren’t alone and could get some financial incentive.
The artist Paul Williamswho is taking on the mammoth task of producing and donating a piece of art a day for a 100 days,is almost halfway through,having so far completed forty,all of which can be viewed on his blog,following the link above.
This is a really important cause,I believe;to lose the next Brian Bolland,Grant Morrison,Tracey Emin,Stephen Fry,Garth Ennis or Jennifer Saunders etc;just because this coalition government are too greedy/cowardly to speak up or financially encourage young people with talent,particularly those in the Arts,as it’s such a competitive field,would make for a deeply depressing and bleak future.
Williams relates his own experiences on his blog,revealing the difficulties facing an aspiring comics artist,just starting out.
You can go to the Arts Emergency website and make a donation,even if it’s just a pound,dollar or euro,it could mean the making or breaking of Britain’s next comedic,writing,musical or comics genius.Surely that’s got to be worth a pound or two?

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