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Continuing my potted history of Mean-Machine Angel(see previous posts)we’re staying with the Judge Dredd Megazine where Mean was having an extensive run.

Starting with this super painted cover(Megazine3.75,1Mar’01)from the elegant brush of Greg Staples,the interior artwork is just as high quality.

Terrific black and white linework from sadly departed talent,artist Wayne Reynolds in this typically humourous one-off tale,”Support Yore Local Bastich",penned by Gordon Rennie.

A small Cursed Earth settlement,Fool’s Gold,is terrorised by mutant outlaws,so when cyborg psychopath Mean Angel breezes into town,the desperate populace make him their sheriff.

Mean is soon making his own laws and generally taking advantage of his new-found powers,so when mutant gang,the Bastard Boys return the terrified locals shove the  one-man ‘butting machine out to confront them.

Mean-Machine turns his dial up to 4,and gets “downright extra-judicial” on the outlaws,going in to an almighty ’butting-spree!

When the dust has settled Mean has obliterated the mutant gang but destroyed the township as well;the outraged citizens take him out to the surrounding wasteland and string him up,leaving him to die.

A slightly inconvenienced Mean-Machine Angel(it takes a lot to kill him,having died once already!)screams out curses at the townsfolk,as he spins aimlessly from the lynching tree,long after they’ve gone!

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