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I’m super-excited with all the IDW action going on stateside and their all-new Judge Dredd series,that saw release on 28Nov’12.
The first original Dredd stories written outside of 2000AD or sister monthly title,Judge Dredd Megazine(excepting novelisations and audio dramas)for 18 years.
IDW have entrusted the creative duties to U.S writer Duane Swiercyzinski and Chilean artist Nelson Daniel,a bold move perhaps,with Judge Dredd's world and persona notoriously difficult to capture,believably.
Many writers(and artists)have tried,and failed,to pin down the Mega-City lawman,there is also,paradoxically,a very British humour running through the strip,which scribes,both domestic and foreign,have struggled with.
However as it is only on the second issue,I shall reserve my Judgement!
There are also many varied and incentive covers,to entice the curious reader..
From top:Veteran Judge Dredd artist,Cliff Robinson introduces the series.
Below l-r:Zach Howard,series cover artist;the highly talented,Nick Runge.
Middle l-r:Marvel Comics legend,Jim Starlin;Stormwatch:Team Achilles artist,Whilce Portacio.
Bottom l-r:Judge Dredd co-creator and U.K comics great,Carlos Ezquerra;special subscribers “badge” cover(also available in embossed and “bronzed” editions).

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