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The Strangeness of Brendan McCarthy!

Some of Brendan's most recent work for 2000AD and on Judge Dredd ,after way too long an absence,1991-2008(17 years!)
It’s great to have this bona fide comic genius back in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic™.

Top:Superb Anderson-Psi Division wraparound cover for Judge Dredd Megazine329(20Nov’12)
Middle l:Interior art on IDW's Judge Dredd series,featuring Anderson,again(19Dec’12)
Middle r:Movie poster for Strontium Dog-The Movie.By Tarantino.In 2014…Oh God,if only!
Bottom l:Brendan's Shakara,fighting sentient T-Rex,cover for 2000AD,minus titles(Prog1571,21Nov’08)
Bottom r:Interior art for recent 2000AD thrill,Zaucer of Zilk(Progs1775-84,21Mar-23May’12)

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