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Hilarious series sending-up the truck driving and C.B radio craze from the 1970’s:Ace Trucking Co. starred the crew of the Speedo Ghost;skeletal engineer,Feek the Freek;security chief,G-B-H a warrior of the Sha’ka’kan tribe who believes he is dead;depressed ship’s computer,Ghost and their scheming captain,Ace Garp.

Written by golden partnership,John Wagner and Alan Grant(under the pseudonym Grant Grover),with art from the twisted genius of Massimo Belardinelli(1938-2005)the strip ran for many years from 1981-86,covering some 132 episodes,with the irrepressible Ace dragging his crew on questionable ventures throughout the galaxy and beyond.

Here is a handy space truckers dictionary from the creators to help you negotiate the outlandish lingo of Ace and his competitors.

Happy Trucking lug-buddies!


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