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Former 2000AD droid David Millgate and his magnificent line-up of A.B.C Warriors.
From top:Upright,moral leader Hammerstein.
Below l-r:Enigmatic disciple of Kaos and once Grand Wizard of the Knights Martial,Deadlock;
Massive robo-ape,now sharing consciousness with deceased female Warrior Morrigun,the mighty Mongrol.
Middle l-r:Treacherous former leader of Volgan war criminals,the Straw Dogs,General Blackblood;
Defective recycling droid with homocidal tendencies,Mek-Quake.
Bottom l-r:The deadliest shot in the Universe,sniper assassin Joe Pineapples;
Sardonic,cheeky yet loveable sewer droid with terrible toilet etiquette,Ro-Jaws.

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