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After Nemesis the Warlock and of course Judge Dredd,my favourite 2000AD character is probably British mutant hero,Johnny Alpha,Search/Destroy agent,or as they were better known,Strontium Dog.

Having posted some cool Stront art recently,I decided to embark on a trawl of the ‘Net to find the very best S/D artwork I could find.

Deciding that it didn’t have to be fan art,the only criteria was that it wasn’t artists normally associated with Alpha..

But just to start you off,for anyone unfamiliar with the character,the top one is by creator Carlos Ezquerra with a definitive blow-by-blow of the mutant bounty hunter himself..

  1. Colin MacNeil-StarScan.
  2. Mike Perkins-Rogues’ Gallery
  3. Neil Roberts cover(Prog1656,7Oct’09)
  4. Simon Coleby b/w with trademark Electronux®
  5. Boo Cook cover(Prog1817,30Jan’13)
  6. Ben Wilsher animated idea for Strontium Dog(come on Rebellion,make this show!)
  7. Chris Weston b/w  pin-up art
  8. Cliff Robinson cover(Prog1766,18Jan’12);colours:Dylan Teague.
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