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The changing face(s)of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic™,2000AD!(Pt.1)

  1. Prog1(26Feb’77)Kevin O’Neill
  2. Prog78(19Aug’78)Newspaper mock-up for Ant Wars-Kevin O’Neill
  3. Prog86(14Oct’78)Merger with StarLord character montage-Dave Gibbons *
  4. Prog88(28Oct’78)Movie poster mock-up for Ro-Busters-Kev O’Neill
  5. Prog100(17Feb’79)Robo-Hunter-Ian Gibson
  6. Prog112(12May’79)Ro-Busters-Kevin O’Neill
  7. Prog127(25Aug’79)Merger with Tornado,Tharg the Mighty montage-Dave Gibbons
  8. Prog167(5Jul’80)Nemesis the Warlock-“Comic Rock”-Kev O’Neill
  9. Prog178(20Sep’80)Judge Dredd-Mick McMahon *
  10. Prog554(26Dec’87)Tharg and his droids ring the changes!-Mark Farmer 

The changes continue throughout the next two decades…

(*Source:Steve Cook's excellent Secret Oranges blog)

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